We believe in cycling. We believe in the beauty of going fast – the pleasure of spinning over tarmac, grinding through dirt, and eating up gravel.
We believe that everybody who loves the roads, the tracks, and the trails should enjoy that luxury of speed and be able to unleash the full potential of their bikes and their legs.

So we are going to lengths to craft, curate, and design the fastest and best-looking wheels money can buy. Doing comprehensive research; tirelessly looking for the best components available, balancing form and function, making it easy to repair and replace spare parts, finetuning every single bit and piece to get more out of less. The only thing that is sparred is the marketing BS and the pseudo-science.

We only want you to go fast.
And we want you to look good while doing it.


We are a small dedicated Danish-based team located in Copenhagen.
We are straight-talking guys, open and honest. We say things the way they are. Plain and simple.

We are self-confident and know our worth. We don’t need to oversell or overpromise, but there’s no need to disguise that we are selling superior wheels of outstanding quality.


We want to make it more fun and more pleasurable to own and ride your bike. True happiness is looking at your bike, seeing how good it looks, and knowing how fast it will go once you get out there.

Better wheels give better rides and give happier riders.
It’s that simple!


WE ARE HONEST: We are transparent and straight-talking guys with a friendly and no-bullshit approach to what we do and how we do it.

WE ARE STYLISH: We care about looks and aesthetics: it matters how your bike looks, how your wheels look, and how you look on your bike.
We admit it; we are bike-fashionistas.

WE ARE DEDICATED: We love riding a bike. We love going fast into corners, sprinting for the next sign. We are meticulous with everything with do and care about details. From every bit and piece of the wheel to how we can help you get the most out of your bike.

WE ARE SUBTLE: We are rebellious, but we are not noisy. We want to change things and find new and clever ways of doing wheels and going faster – in a clever, self-confident, and straightforward manner.


  • No-nonsense Carbon Wheels
  • High-Quality Components
  • Exclusive and Minimalistic Design 
  • Unbeatable Speed