Gravel is all about freedom and exploration!

The freedom to just start pedaling, leave the every-day-routine behind and steer off the beaten path.

The freedom to explore and the ability to go everywhere – no matter the surface.

The freedom to seek new scenic horizons, wind down, and enjoy the world on two wheels in new ways – Far away from paved roads, cars, and heavy traffic.

The Rusty series are built to support you in your quest for complete freedom in mixed terrain. Light enough to give you that smooth familiar road-feel, strong enough to withstand the beating from off-road use, optimized for both confident handling and a comfortable ride, and offers maximum compatibility with the widest range of tires to match any terrain imaginable.


New Roads

Go Explore!

Gravel Carbon Wheelset Disc


Heading out on your next Gravel or Bike packing Adventure?
The Rusty wheelset will be the perfect companion!

Engineered and optimized for gravel routes and beyond and through the use of industry-leading components – the Rusty wheelset offers superb ride quality, bombproof performance, durability, and serviceability.

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Heading out to explore unbeaten paths – at full pace?
The RUSTY PRO will be a perfect choice!

Engineered and optimized for high speed on gravel routes and beyond, and just like its Rusty sibling, it is also built with industry-leading components and offers superb aerodynamic performance, durability, and serviceability.

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Gravel Carbon Frontwheel Discbrake