Whether you are a recreational rider or a pureblooded all-out UCI ProTour warrior (or anything in between), you and your bike deserve a high-performance wheelset. An aerodynamic wheelset that allows you to unlock the full potential and go faster than ever. A wheelset built with top-quality components offers excellent handling, plenty of stiffness, and outstanding durability.

Whether the road leads through steep mountains, terrifying descents, bone-crushing cobbles, or smooth, fast tarmac, our wheels are built to perform.

For us, it is pretty simple:
Better wheels lead to better rides which equals happier riders.




ROYAL Series

The ROYAL series is our approach to a “mid-range” carbon wheelset.
The ROYAL series wheelsets certainly make a name for themselves due to high-quality components, which you usually see in more expensive wheelsets.

Whether used as the daily driver, Race-day wheelset, or as a luxury training wheelset, the ROYAL series carbon wheelsets are built to offer rock-solid performance and bang for your bucks.


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The ROYAL PRO series is the definition of high-end wheelsets.
The average consumer will often bump into the term “High-end” in the cycling business. But the “High-end” is highly overused, and it can be a challenge to separate “high-end” from proper high-end.
At Rebel, we take the term seriously, and therefore, the Royal Pro carbon wheelsets is built with superior quality in mind.

The ROYAL PRO series is ready to steal KOMs, Smashing Strava Segments, and dominate the races – Are you?


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Take it up a notch!

Build on a No-Compromise approach and utilizing cutting-edge technology, the ROCKET series offers ultra-lightweight high-performance wheelsets and makes the question of going lightweight or going aero completely redundant! The ROCKET series can do both.

Want to rip and tear all the KOMs, utterly destroy all the Strava segments, spread havoc in bike races, and most importantly, attract many envious looks?
Look no further! The ROCKET series is the Ultimate Choice!


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