Overall Build-Quality and Safety for our customers are of paramount concern for us here at Rebel-Cycling. Therefore, we believe that there is no proper wheelset without proper testing of our wheels and wheel components. With that as a guiding principle, our wheels are tested by 

DIETER VANMOER CYCLING PARTS TESTING, an independent testing Lab, aiming to support bicycle and wheel manufacturers to build the best and safest wheels possible.   

Which wheels are UCI approved?

As of now, the following three wheelsets has been tested and approved:

  • Rebel Royal Disc 45mm
  • Rebel Royal Pro Disc 45mm
  • Rebel Rocket Disc 45mm

Why only these?

A 45mm carbon profile represents an excellent compromise regarding low weight, reduced crosswind drag and aerodynamic performance. Furthermore, the Royal Pro Disc 45mm and the Rocket Disc 45mm are the preferred choice for our development team who operates on a Continental level and uses our wheels. So these wheels also have to be UCI approved. 

What about the others?

None of the rim brake wheels is UCI approved because high-performance rim-brake bikes for UCI sanctioned races, in general, are being replaced by Disc specific bikes. So the incentive for getting rim-brake wheels UCI approved for 2021 (sadly) makes little to no sense. 

In general, we will strive towards getting the UCI approval to more of our wheels.
If you have any questions regarding our products and the UCI approval, please let us know.